Freya Esders is a filmmaker, image taker and avid explorer of human character.  A writer director first and foremost, Freya applies her directorial training to both film and photography ensuring her work always has a cinematic through line.

During her time at the at the Victorian College of the Arts Freya honed her directorial style and since graduating in 2012 has seen herself take on both mediums professionally with vigor and an aesthetic that is truly her own. 

Freya's work has enabled her to generate ongoing editorial and film content for magazines such as Oyster and I-D and work on a vast array of projects with various designers and platforms. In 2015 she was accepted into a residency program in Iceland which resulted in a solo show at Grey Gardens, screening a film work alongside her photography.

A true cinephile, Freya has an unwavering love and appreciation of cinema and the moving image. She truly believes that cinema has the power to engage and enrich and adheres that faith to every project.